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Program available in: English

Program license: Free

Program by: Privacyware

Works under:Windows 8

PrivateFirewall is a firewall program designed to keep out unsafe or bad connections. This shields your computer against potential threats by not allowing them in. This program will appeal to be new and expert users as it has numerous tools that let you customize the experience.

Main Features

PrivateFirewall is a robust firewall program that you can either set and forget or deeply customize. For newer users, you can download the program, install it and let the firewall protect you. Advanced users can dive in and set whitelists and blacklists, make exceptions and rules and make other changes. This firewall can even detect odd connections and cut them off before them become dangerous.

Tracking and Logs

If you're curious about what connections your computer is making, then you can check the firewall log. This shows everything that is making a connection with you. You can use this to determine if unauthorized connections are being made and cut them short with your firewall.